3 Signs Your A/C Unit Is On It’s Last Leg

Wondering how long it will be before your old A/C unit finally breaks down and needs a costly replacement? We know an A/C unit is a big expenses, but many consumers have been hearing for years their system needs replacing from companies looking to make a big paycheck. But how can you tell if your [...]

How Do Hot Days Affect My AC Unit?

Does the Summer Heat Hurt My AC?  It’s true that on hot days your air conditioner may work a little harder. You may hear it chugging along like the little engine that could once the first major summer heat wave rolls in.  Just like people, it could seem a bit sluggish on a 90-degree [...]

Install Your Own HVAC Unit or Use a Pro?

What you must understand about heating and cooling units is that they have to meet certain codes, which require certain permits and proper installation. The professionals understand the codes and how to go expediently about the process of acquiring permits. However, if you happen to be familiar with the codes and permits, and you [...]

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Did you know the air inside your home may be as much as 100 times unhealthier than the worst outdoor air? Your home could be suffering from an unhealthy collection of dust mites, mold, mildew, bacteria, pollen and dust. In addition, the air in your home may be too dry, causing dry and irritable skin.Poor [...]

Can Rain Affect My Air Conditioning Unit in a Negative Way?

Rain is in the forecast this week.If you’re worried about how rain will affect your your air conditioning unit, you may be concerned about the wrong things. Even with the occasionally heavy downpours we experience here on the Gulf Coast, your air conditioner is designed and constructed to resist rain damage and continue operating as [...]


Common warning signs: Your HVAC system produces unusual and excessive noises- Any loud squeaking, rumbling, or hissing sounds while turned on can be an indicator that something is wrong. A fan that is squeaky might not be ventilating your system correctly. Rumbling, growling, or hum sounds could be an indication that the motor needs some focus. [...]

HVAC Tips for the Summer

Replace your AC filter. This is the most important part of keeping up an efficient HVAC system. Filters keep debris out of your system. Clogged filters have to work much harder for less than half the usual airflow output, which puts strain on your entire system. They should be changed once a month while [...]

HVAC Maintenance Air Conditioning Cooling Mythbuster

Myth 1 “I don’t need maintenance on my HVAC system, its working, there’s obviously nothing wrong with it. All you’re doing is a filter change anyway”   Hopefully it’s never happened to you, but with the intense heat we get here in Raleigh NC, it’s pretty common for air conditioners to stop working once [...]

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Who Is a Hero To You? HVAC Heroes

Who’s a hero to you? When I hear someone say hero, firefighters, police officers, military persons, and EMS teams immediately come to mind as those who courageously and selflessly give their lives to protect, serve, and aid others. I’m sure most would agree that these people are without a doubt heroes, but are there [...]

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