Spring“So it’s the middle of summer and your AC [isn’t cooling, it’s] pumping out warm air. Things like this always seem to happen at the worst time possible… I’m learning this is a “thing” in Raleigh]NC…” –Mari D

Don’t let air conditioning failure happen to you this summer! How do you prevent this? Have your local heat and air conditioning company perform this maintenance on your HVAC unit every spring to ensure its running at its best to face the summer heat:

  • Change your filter monthly, write the date on each filter to remind you when to change it- monthly HVAC filter maintenance is key! Dust and dirt build up can cause blockages in your HVAC system. As a result, reducing its efficiency, cooling ability, and increasing money spent on your power bill. Also those allergens can break off and go into your home’s air, it’s what you’d be breathing! Most notably, decreased indoor air quality can contribute to allergy issues and sickness
  • Maintenance and clean the indoor/outdoor coils, pans, traps, and lines- if these are plugged it can cause water damage to your home and reduce your HVAC system’s cooling ability. Meaning less efficient air conditioning. Furthermore, your system will run longer, affect your indoor humidity levels, raise your energy costs, and reduce the life of your equipment
  • Landscape maintenance- Few people realize wind, rain, and yardwork can lodge sticks, leaves, grass, mulch, and other common items into your outdoor HVAC system. Therefore, routinely clean and maintenance your outdoor system by removing any debris immediately. It’s also common for debris to bend and dent finsFin Comb, which decreases air flow and the HVAC systems cooling ability. You can correct this easily with a fin comb. Completing this HVAC maintenance will increase airflow in your system, get greater efficiency, less money spent on energy bills, and greater comfort in your home
  • Test and inspect all electrical parts and wiring- faulty parts can lead to house fires. Also system failure, less efficiency and comfort, and higher energy bills
  • Maintenance, inspect, clean, and adjust pumps, motors, belts, and blowers. Lubricate as required- excessive friction and misaligned parts can lead to increased damage and wear, reduced life and premature replacement. Also decreased efficiency, increased electricity use, and higher bills
  • Check and adjust thermostat settings- proper setting and operating controls help ensure maximum efficiency from your HVAC system. This can also reduce power bills
  • Test refrigerant levels and check for leaks- Too much or too little refrigerant will make your HVAC system less efficient, increase energy used, raise money spent, and decrease comfort. Most of all, leaks contaminate the environment

The old but true cliché “out of sight, out of mind” is often the reason for forgetting to maintenance your HVAC system. Heat and air conditioning systems are often in places you don’t see them, which makes them easy to take for granted until they fail and are no longer cooling.

A good spring preventative maintenance plan will keep your air conditioning running at peak efficiency, help extend its life and reduce repair costs, prevent utility overpayment, and avert system failures when you need cooling comfort most. After all, would you drive your car 20,000 or even 50,000 miles without an oil change?

Make yearly HVAC preventative maintenance a priority for your home heat and cooling system. To help, Enviro Air offers flexible appointments and handles all the scheduling reminders. We make it easy to never miss an appointment again! Contact Us Online or call [teleephonelink].

At Enviro Air “where you’re more than just a customer, you’re family!” Be a part of our family like Mari has and we’ll save you money and keep your HVAC system cooling.

“I spent the better part of my trip searching for quotes via email. Ryan was one of the first to reply with a rough estimate. Nobody and I mean NOBODY else would do that of the 10 businesses I reached out to… I called him and he said “Let’s get you guys cool first…” Yes, finally a common sense response!! [The day] we returned home [he] got us up and running with a new system in 6 hours. That night we slept in a comfortably cooled home opposed to waiting for presentations from other companies. This is how you do business. This is how you earn customers trust. If you want the job done right, and for a fair price without ridiculous add-ons, call Ryan at Enviro Air!” – Mari D