Who’s a hero to you?

When I hear someone say hero, firefighters, police officers, military persons, and EMS teams immediately come to mind as those who courageously and selflessly give their lives to protect, serve, and aid others. I’m sure most would agree that these people are without a doubt heroes, but are there other unsung or everyday heroes out there that work tirelessly with and around us every day? What about nurses, doctors, parents, HVAC technicians, electricians, and other skilled trade workers, to name a few? With this in mind, what is a hero and who can be one?

A hero, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities” such as high moral character. Taking this definition into consideration, I think HVAC technicians, and the heating and cooling companies that support them, can definitely be seen as heroes.

On a daily basis HVAC technicians expose themselves to hazardous refrigerants, heavy machinery, and dangerous electrical currents. We often don’t consider that these vital heating and cooling systems that we rely on for our daily comfort require monthly maintenance. At the point that our family is without heat in 40 degrees or we’re facing rising humidity with no cool air, do we finally realize that this system is important. So what do we then expect? We expect our local HVAC company to respond immediately and dependably at all hours, working tirelessly in inclement or oppressive temperatures for hours to make sure our comfort is met as soon as possible, and above all others that call with the same issue. Did I mention we also expect them to be instructional, thorough, friendly, responsive, and miracle workers- “by the way do you have a payment plan”- for the cheapest price? I don’t know about you, but after a 10 hour day in the blistering heat, drenched in sweat, I’m not the most pleasant person.

Enviro Air is a local heat and air conditioning company whose team exemplifies the qualities of honesty, integrity, knowledge, reliability, dependability, selflessness in helping others, giving back to their community, and setting a continuous standard of excellence and care for their customers. Let’s take a look at what their local community has to say about them:

  • “I recently had both my HVAC systems replaced in my home… They…checked to make sure everything was working properly before leaving. The warranties are excellent, the service and response is exceptional.” Gregory J.
  • “When there’s an issue with your A/C in the middle of summer, a quick response is what you want. That’s exactly what you get with Enviro Air. Very friendly and knowledgeable. They’re genuinely concerned about your comfort and it shows in their work!” – Jen B
  • “showed up very promptly, called before they came to confirm time of arrival. They were pleasant, professional and VERY dedicated. A thunderstorm came during the repair and they managed to finish the job anyway. I would definitely recommend them to a friend or to anyone.” Kathy R
  • “Were available within 48 hours of my call, replaced a number of parts quickly and now the unit is working great. All for less than half of what larger companies were charging.”- Sam S.
  • “came immediately out and got our a/c up and running.  We really appreciated their efforts since the temps have been 100°.” – Ahrash F.
  • “[Ryan] did everything he could do to save me as much money as possible all while doing an excellent job. Thank goodness for guys like him still out there reminding you there are good people willing to do honest work.” – Amanda B.

More and more I find it harder to find businesses to work with that don’t cut corners and still genuinely care about their customers, the quality of their service level, skills, and products more than their bottom line.  Enviro Air is a heat and air conditioning company above the rest that still believes their customers come first, have high moral character, and operate with daily dedication. To me their motto alone, “you’re more than just a customer, you’re family!” says it all. To all HVAC technicians and those in this trade, you’re my hero and I thank you for my daily comfort.


Thank you to Johanna McGuire for the inspiration for this article and reminding us all that there is a little hero in all of us to give to those around us.