Heating Repair Raleigh NcCutting back on your energy use is just one way to make sure your hard earned money stays in your pocket. Whether it is summer or winter, there are many ways in which you can reduce your heating and cooling bills. Every home is different, but these tips generally work for everyone.

Replace Weather Stripping – Replacing worn out or torn weather stripping around your doors and windows will significantly reduce the drafts that are let into your home.

Adjust or Replace Door Thresholds – If you can see light from under your door, you are losing valuable air or heat.

Cover Windows and Sliding Doors with Plastic Film – You can purchase transparent film from most home improvement stores. It is simple to apply and can save you 10-15 percent on your heating bill.

Insulate The Attic Door – Sure your attic may be insulated, but is the access door? Insulating the attic access will prevent the warm air in your home from escaping through the attic.

Consider a Programmable Thermostat – These thermostats save you money by letting you program the thermostat to your comfort level. You can adjust it to lower the temperature when no one is home and raise it when you normally return home.

Block the Heat/Air in Unused Rooms – Make sure you close the vents in the guest bedroom or any other room in your home that isn’t used often.

Use Space Heaters – If you generally spend most of your time in just a couple of rooms in your home, lower the thermostat temperature and add a space heater in the rooms that you are in most frequently. This is much cheaper than using the furnace to heat your whole house.

Take Advantage of the Sun – Open the blinds on the sunny side of your house and close them on the other side. The sunlight acts as a natural heater using no electricity at all.

Block off the Chimney – Closing off the fireplace damper when you are not using it will prevent cold air from entering your home through the chimney.

Change Your Filter – Make sure you change your filters once a month. This will allow the air to move freely through your home.

Applying these 10 tips to your routine can definitely reduce your heating and cooling bills. If your energy bills are high due to heat pump repair needs, you should call a skilled HVAC technician. Contact Enviro Air for all of your heating repair and maintenance needs.