Myth 1 “I don’t need maintenance on my HVAC system, its working, there’s obviously nothing wrong with it. All you’re doing is a filter change anyway”


Hopefully it’s never happened to you, but with the intense heat we get here in Raleigh NC, it’s pretty common for air conditioners to stop working once it gets hot. Due to this, we often hear from our customers when asked “what HVAC maintenance? There wasn’t anything obvious wrong with it before.” Unfortunately this is how most people first learn about HVAC maintenance.Tech Pic 3

Think of it this way, if your HVAC air conditioning system was your car, would you drive it 20,000, 50,000, or even 100,000 miles without an oil change?! No, we’re taught we should change it every 3,000-5,000 miles. What about driving your car for 3-5 years because it works well, but never checking your cabin air filter, fluids, wipers, tires, or brakes? Unlikely, just because it functions doesn’t mean there are no hidden issues.

So why do we expect our air conditioners to run without proper HVAC maintenance? Many of us forget simply because our air conditioning systems are often in places we don’t see them every day. For example, attics, crawl spaces, or outside covered behind bushes. They’re simply “out of sight, out of mind,” which makes them easy to take for granted until they fail.

Here are some tips to consider when putting together a successful HVAC maintenance plan:

  • You’ll want to hire a highly qualified, knowledgeable, and professional heating and air conditioning company, so do your research and check reviews. Only qualified technicians can truly go through your whole HVAC system and tell you if it’s truly working properly
  • Make sure you ask for a predictive HVAC maintenance plan. This method thoroughly evaluates your system for anything that could potentially cause failures or unnecessary wear and tear. Hence, not just a look over for broken or obvious malfunctioning parts. Predicting, instead of reacting to issues, can help reduce costly future repairs and prevent system failures.
  • We recommend a yearly inspection; preferably in spring, so if you do need to wait on parts, you can still get decent temperature air by opening windows for a couple days.
  • Change your air and furnace filters monthly, this is key for your HVAC system! Dust and dirt build up can cause blockages. Consequently there is reduced efficiency, cooling ability, and increasing money spent on your power bill. Also that dust and those allergens can break off and reticulate into your home’s air, it’s what you and your family would be breathing! This is the simplest way to maintain your HVAC air conditioning system as a homeowner. The great part is almost anyone can do it easily. Writing the date on each filter as its changed is a quick easy reminder to help you know when to change it.
  • If you’d like a more detailed listing of what we inspect during an HVAC maintenance service; check out our recent posting Prepare for Summer With These HVAC Spring Maintenance Tips

Using these tips and making yearly HVAC maintenance a priority for your home can help keep your air conditioning/ cooling system running at peak efficiency. It can also help extend its life and reduce repair costs, reduce utility payments, and avert system failures when you need comfort most.

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