For many of us, we are all too familiar with air pollution. However, isn’t air pollution something that happens outside of the home? Why would the air inside of the home become polluted?

In reality, indoor air pollution is as common as the dangerous pollution found on the outside of your home. Your home should be somewhere that you can go to and get away from all of the pollution outside. It should be somewhere that is secure and safe. Once you know what some of the common pollutants inside of your home are, you can take the necessary steps to help eliminate or reduce all of these harmful substances and improve indoor air quality.

Common Pollutants Inside of Your Home

There are a number of different sources inside of your home that are responsible for pollution inside of the home because of the gases and particles that they release into the air. If you don’t have proper ventilation inside of your home, the pollution levels are going to continue rising. You need to have a proper amount of air coming into your home to help dilute all of the emissions inside of your home and carry the contaminants outside.

High humidity levels and temperatures can cause the concentration in these pollutants to increase. There are an array of different pollutants inside of your home at any given time. Many of us are well aware of the common pollutants such as pesticides, air fresheners, asbestos and cleaning agents. Asbestos can hide within insulation that is older.

However, most of us aren’t aware of the fact that new carpeting can actually emit a harmful vapor inside of the home. If you have a broken fluorescent light, the mercury released can be quite damaging to your health. It isn’t easy to remove mercury from your home. Vacuums shouldn’t be used for lifting the mercury from the carpeting. Even if you have your carpets thoroughly cleaned, you can’t get rid of it all.

Another big offender of pollution inside of your home is that of appliances that aren’t adjusted properly. Stoves, gas furnaces and other appliances can all be dangerous to your health when they aren’t working right. Appliances that aren’t maintained or installed correctly can cause a substantial amount of carbon monoxide to leak into your home. This toxic chemical can cause a whole number of problems, one of which being death.

To help prevent anything serious from happening to you and your loved ones, you need to call in a professional to inspect your home for potential pollutants. By having someone look at any hazardous areas around your home, you can rest assured that you have nothing to worry about and your home is free from contamination.