Thanks to your air conditioning system, your home can remain nice and cool during the warm, summer months. It’s up to you to maintain the unit to ensure it operates at peak efficiency, while preventing a whole host of breakdowns during the summer. Neglecting your air conditioning unit could end up costing you an additional 25 percent on your energy bill. To help maintain the temperature in your home and keep your cooling costs down, follow the tips below.

Schedule a Yearly Service Call

To ensure your system is going to operate at peak efficiency, you need to have a trained professional come out and take a look at the unit. You would be surprised at how much dust can build up inside of your unit. Outside, debris such as leaves and tree branches can crowd your unit and leave it operating inefficiently. By having your unit cleaned, you can prevent your cooling costs from going through the roof. Bringing in a professional will allow you to extend the life of your unit for years to come.

Make Sure to Change the Air Filter

The air filter inside of your unit is responsible for preventing any dust, dirt and debris from making its way through your system. If an overabundance of dust gets into the system, it causes the unit to overheat and components get damaged. Cleaner filters mean less complications and better air quality.

If the filter is dirty enough where you cannot see through it, you need to replace it. By replacing the filter it allows your unit to operate more efficiently, thus saving you money in your pocket on your energy bill.

Make Sure Your Unit is Clean

All of the dust that gathers on your indoor unit will cause the filter to get clogged and damage to occur. If you have a bunch of debris around the outdoor unit, it can cause a lot of damage. Beyond damaging the unit, it will also reduce its lifespan and cost you more money every month just to keep it running.

Vacuum your indoor unit on a regular basis to help eliminate some of the dust from the system. Make sure to keep the area free from clutter in case you do need to have the unit serviced. If you have a bunch of plants around the outdoor unit, get rid of them. They are only going to end up clogging the unit and causing a world of problems for you later on.

By taking the time to care for your unit now, it will last you for years to come. Don’t just wait for something to go wrong; take care of your unit beforehand and reap the benefits later on down the line.