The Professional Maintenance Package: Good Deal or Total Scam?

If you don’t feel like getting your hands dirty, a professional service agreement may be right up your alley. Under these contracts, an HVAC

technician agrees to visit your home once or twice a year to perform an AC tune-up. Professionals inspect your filters, refrigerant levels, and

air pressure, among other checks. The idea is to spot problems before they turn into full-blown failures.  Typically, they run homeowners

somewhere between $150 to $500 a year, ENVIRO AIR offers these Preventative Maintenance Packages for a more affordable price. Our

HVAC Maintenance Package is $99 per unit in your home and includes both the Spring and Fall Preventative Maintenance Check up. Enviro

Air offers priority repairs for customers who purchase service agreements, which can be worth its weight in gold during an AC failure. The

manufacturer’s warranty may require this kind of maintenance before it will cover repairs to your unit, so it’s definitely worth weighing the pros and cons.

Rheem Summer