Furnace manufacturers are recommending that you have an annual inspection of your furnace performed by one of their qualified technicians. If you were to take a moment and look at the information contained in the warranty for your furnace, you will notice that they don’t cover any damage directly resulting from improperly maintaining your unit. Even though it might not be required or cause the warranty to get voided, an inspection is still recommended to ensure your system is continually operating at peak capacity.

Just because something isn’t required, that doesn’t mean you should do anything with it. For those with a newer furnace, you might only need to get your unit inspected once bi-annually. When your furnace is more than 10 years old, you need to start having it inspected every year.

Ventilation systems need to be examined for potential leakages and blockages in the system. Combustion gases have to be analyzed and compared to ensure they are up to par in terms of unit specifications as outlined by the manufacturer. Blower access doors have to be examined to ensure they are sealed tightly at the furnace. Beyond going through and checking the ventilation system, you also have to inspect the air intake louvers and grills to ensure there aren’t any blockages in those areas either.

Heat exchangers need to be evaluated for rust and corrosion. Burners have to be examined for a burner flame, flame sense and proper ignition. Drainage systems have to be checked for potential leakage and blockage, which includes all of the different hoses running on the inside of the furnace. Condensation drains and traps require a thorough cleaning and replacement of the water inside of the trap.

Check for debris along the blower wheel and have it cleaned if needed. The entire wheel needs to be removed for you to perform this process. Wiring needs to be examined for any potential corrosion and damage to ensure you are properly taken care of.

Take the time to call in a professional to have them come out and examine your system to see what all needs to be done for you.