Tips for Clearing a Clogged Condensate Line

How To Clean Your Condensate Drain Line Wet carpets and water dripping from the ceiling are sure signs of air conditioner trouble. You’re probably dealing with a clogged condensate drain line that needs attention right away. If the AC operates with a float switch, carpets and ceilings won’t get soaked, but the switch shuts [...]

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Identify and Eliminate HVAC Odors

HVAC Troubleshooting: How to Identify, Eliminate & Control HVAC Odors The HVAC unit in your home is one of the most-used appliances, and it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable when it isn’t working. Fortunately, it’s pretty good about giving signs when it needs servicing. One of the key things that many homeowners [...]

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Transitioning from Heat to Air Conditioning

Spring HVAC Tips For The Transition From Heat To Air Conditioning The weather is warming and inside your home, you’ll need to make that transition from running the heat to running air conditioner. If you don’t have to run the air at first, don’t. Crack those windows and open doors. Create a cross ventilation and [...]

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Component Highlight : Refrigerant/R-410A Do you know what the refrigerant in your HVAC system does? Heating season is in full swing. Do you use a heat pump to heat your home? If so, chances are your system contains refrigerant. There are many components that make your HVAC equipment work. One of these components is [...]

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Compressor Failure Causes

Compressor Failure Causes Compressor Failure Causes 5 reasons your compressor may quit You always want your compressor to do well. It’s the heart and soul of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Also, it’s the most costly piece to replace or repair. But when the compressor quits doing its job at peak efficiency, [...]

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5 Tips to Keep Your HVAC in Good Shape During 2018

5 Tips to Keep Your AC in Good Shape During 2018 ​Setting goals for the new year? We have one to add to your list: Keep your AC in good shape. It’s a worthy goal because when your air conditioner is working well, you have lower energy bills and higher comfort levels. In this article, [...]

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Retiring Your Air Conditioner for the Winter

Retiring Your Air Conditioner for the Winter Has warm weather officially moved out of your area? Hello December. Fall is ending, and the first day of winter is going to be here before you know it. Are you ready to put away the cooling equipment for the winter? If you have an air conditioner, [...]

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Tweak your HVAC to get a better night’s sleep

TWEAK YOUR HVAC FOR THE BEST NIGHT’S SLEEP One of the most important things you can do for your health and happiness is get a good night’s sleep. But if you’re having trouble with that, or would just like to make your sleeping experience a little bit better, there may be some HVAC solutions [...]

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Why It’s So Important to Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Some things you should do immediately; other tasks only need to be done seasonally or once a year. 10 Steps That'll Prolong Your HVAC's Life 1. Buy a better filter if you haven’t already. The new high-efficiency pleated filters have an electrostatic charge that works like a magnet to grab the tiniest particles — even [...]

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Do air conditioners dehumidify the air?

Modern air conditioners dehumidify as they cool; you can see that by the water that drains away, but this dehumidification is incidental to their main job of controlling temperature. They cannot independently control both temperature and humidity. What is Air Conditioning? The first functional definition of air-conditioning was created in 1908 and is credited to G. B. Wilson. [...]

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